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State of Flow

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Festival Miami 2017 Highlights - Roy Rogers and Carlos Reyes Roy Rogers and Carlos Reyes at first glance, seemed like an odd stage and musical pairing to me - slide guitar and electronic harp? But....damn. From the first piece to the last, the duo really grabbed my attention. The music was incredibly well performed, the on stage banter funny and engaging, and their chemistry undeniable. Definitely a unforgettable performance!

Roy Rogers and Carlos Reyes. Festival Miami 2017Roy Rogers and Carlos ReyesRoy Rogers is one of the world’s premier slide guitarists. The eight-time Grammy nominee delivers his signature slide guitar chops and entertaining songs in an adrenaline-charged duo concert with renowned violinist and stringed harpist Carlos Reyes. Their sizzling performances are filled with soulful instrumentals, hints of nostalgic R&B, and contemporary blues, delivered with musical mastery and an onstage chemistry that delights audiences around the world. Roy RogersRoy Rogers Carlos ReyesCarlos Reyes Roy RogersRoy Rogers Roy RogersRoy Rogers Carlos ReyesCarlos Reyes Roy Rogers and Carlos ReyesRoy Rogers and Carlos Reyes

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Festival Miami 2017 Highlights - Tribute to Dizzy Gillespie Performances for Festival Miami 2017 @ the Frost School of Music ended February 11th, but for me, it takes a bit longer to finish the editing and posting of images. This year, I photographed 10 of the 22 concerts during 2 21/2 weeks and shot almost 11,000 images which were edited down to approximately 1500 for delivery. Of the 1500, there are about a dozen or so that are personally significant. 

Several of the concerts were amazing performances and have become amazing memories. The first was a Tribute to Dizzy Gillespie featuring Ignacio Berroa, Jimmy Heath, and Jon Faddis. All three were of course amazing players, but their stage presence and interactions with the musicians of the Frost School is what captured my attention. All three of them clearly loved every second of the evening and it could be felt with each note. Additionally... I got some great shot.

Jon FaddisJon Faddistrumpeter Jon Faddis Jimmy HeathJimmy HeathSaxophonist Jimmy Heath Jimmy Heathsaxophonist Jimmy Heath Ignacio Berroadrummer Ignacio Berroa Ignacio Berroadrummer Ignacio Berroa Frost Jazz bandFrost Jazz Band conducted by Jon Faddis and including Jimmy Heath and Ignacio Berroa Ignacio Berroa Ignacio Berroa Jimmy Heathsaxophonist Jimmy Heath

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The Bittersweet... John Markoff retires from the NY Times. John MarkoffJohn Markoff at the Computer History Museum.


For many years I was fortunate to be the photographer the Computer History Museum chose to hire for many of their events, including the annual Fellow Awards. I remember John Markoff from many of those events and I had the opportunity to photograph him both as part of the crowd and part of the event. I always enjoyed his graciousness, good nature and infectious smile, even if he once told me that a good picture couldn't be taken of him. I disagreed than and still do. While I have never interacted with John outside of those few times at the CHM, since the first time I met him I always stopped and read his articles whenever I came across them and on many occasions sought out his articles for the best Silicon Valley reporting available. reported that John will now be the writer in residence at the Simons Institute of the Theory of Computing and the University of California at Berkeley. I would like to wish him the best of luck and I hope to read much more from him in the future.

To read more about John Markoff on



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When boot options don't work on your OSX Mac This week I ran into some issues with my tricked out Mac pro tower that I use for editing images. Long story short, a "new" replacement SSD drive from (see for the details as to why I no longer purchase from macsales) failed in the same manner as the old drive. 

Since I had 4 photo shoots last week and was a little behind on editing, I thought I would try reformatting the drive and doing a clean install of the OS. This usually isn't a problem because all of my data is on a separate hard drive, so its just a matter of reinstalling the OS and applications. I rebooted the machine and held command+R to enter the boot options and start the recovery process. After many tries and nothing working, including trying to reset the PRAM and using command+option+R for the internet recovery, I gave up and ordered a replacement drive from Amazon. 

What I didn't realize is that without a OSX recovery partition on the drive, you can not use any of the boot options to start the recovery process. The failed "new" drive was a clone of the operating system partition from a previous failed drive which did not include the recovery partition. When the new drive arrived, I had the same issue. Usually this would not be a problem because if an operating system is not found, OSX should automatically boot to the internet recovery system. In this case, again, it did not boot to recovery and no key combination would load the recovery system either. 

After some time searching the forum (no link saved, sorry) I found a single comment that suggested using a Lion recovery disk to boot to the internet recovery system. Since I did not have any of the old install disks handy - I do keep both disks and images of Snow Leopard and Lion - I chose a different path: TechTools ProToGo.

When I originally purchased TechTools pro by Micromat ( it was over $125.00 but it was the best program for what I needed at the time. The price has come down a bit now but it is still the best tool I have found for a testing memory, SSDs, HDDs, and other hardware for Mac. Most importantly, the ProToGo features will create a basic recovery start-up disk on a flash drive. Once I had that created, I popped it in and booted straight to the internet recovery system; partitioned the disks using Disk Utility, performed a clean install in a matter of an hour or so and was back up and running. 

So far, I am very pleased with the Samsung SSD drive I purchased from Amazon - very fast, very small! 



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Enter the 'Glades I have lived in South Florida for a total of almost 10 years. During that time I have spend time at the beach, in the Keys, up, down and  all over both coasts. But during all those trips - with the exception of driving across Alligator Alley, I have spent less time in the Everglades than I have have eating alligator bites. However, that is starting to change.

A few months ago, a couple of buddies and I ventured down to Everglades City for a fishing trip through 10,000 Islands. Driving across the middle of the Everglades during the early morning, I become more inspired than I have been with South Florida for a long time. A few weeks later we went back to do some photography and had an amazing time. Still not crazy about the idea of running into a python or water moccasin, but we are determined to go back and continue to work.

Everglades, series 1 Everglades, series 1Switch grass and lonely pine field Everglades, series 1Switch grass and lonely pine field Everglades, series 1Switch grass and lonely pine field Everglades, series 1Switch grass and lonely pine field Everglades, series 1Switch grass and lonely pine field


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Taking Stock..2014  

Every so often, the time comes for an artist to take stock of their...well, in the case of a photographer, quite literally: Stock. During the time that Jenifer and I have been shooting together first as best friends and then as husband and wife we have compiled a collection of images that tops more than 125,000. Personally, I have shot more than that during the 10 years or so since I graduated from Barry University. 

The process of looking toward the future of Versatile Light Studio and my personal work began with a look back over the past 10 years.  Generally, I knew what I would find in my personal archive - after all I shot them all! What I didn't expect among the well-defined bodies of work from Paris, work-related and thesis images, was such a visceral reaction to the personal history that this archive represents. Additionally, as I had hoped when I started the process of editing through the first 54,000 I found several bodies of work that needed to be revived from a long stored hard drive and rescued from the dust bin of fading memories. 

Over the next several months, I hope to publish much of this work into portfolios, stock galleries (possibly for sale or license) and most importantly to bring the images back to life. 

Looking forward to presenting more to come....



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Craig Carothers in Conversation Craig Carothers in Conversation at the frost school of music:

frost school of music events

“Some songs are just stops on the way to the next one.”

“Writers block is when the pencil is not on the paper”

“Some times you have to let the patient die on the table… You have to be willing to let go of stuff that doesn’t work.”

“The muse will show up, but it likes to find you working” quote from Picasso




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Sometimes the out takes are the most fun Yesterday Jenifer and I did a photo shoot for a national law firm based in Miami. It was a tough shoot logically due to the last minute booking when their regular photographer failed to call back. However, I think the client is happy with our performance and I think we made all we could of the opportunity to win future opportunity from this firm.

During the shoot we photographed 3 attorneys new to the firm and 1 that will most likely be hired (yesterday was his final interview, sounds like he is expecting an offer). In addition, we did photos of the partners for a national ad and to update their website. Below is a photo I grabbed while we where switching between partners for an environmental headshot.


More to come…

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Miami Country Day Junior Varsity Boys vs Hebrew Academy 30 January 2012 Miami Shores, fl

MCDS junior varsity boy basketball bested Hebrew Academy 52-40 in one of the worst refereed games in recent memory. Playing strong to the end, MCDS didn’t let it affect the outcome, outplaying Hebreew through the whole game.




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The End of a Legacy…
Kodak represents an interesting stream through the history of photography. They have been instrumental in developing (pun intended) the digital world and the social attitudes that have eventually lead to their demise. In fact, Kodak invented the digital camera!

Photographers were once akin to magicians; merging the mystical technologies of scary chemistry and electronics with the critical skills of focusing our vision (and the cameras!) through story telling. Now, the technology is taking care of by “the man behind the screen” through the likes of Apple, Adobe, Phase One, and the stalwarts that came after Kodak: Canon, Nikon, Hasselbald, and Fuji. However, as much as photographers like to complain about the current state of the business,@holdencalgary makes some excellent points in his blog posted at Specifically, as professionals it is our job to “focus on what is most important, creating content, making images, and sharing their stories with the world”. The blog is well written and certain worth the time to not only read but reflect over.

Started in 1889, the Eastman Kodak Company has been part of all our lives. Much like today’s generation where terms like “Google” means search, or “Facebook me” means get in touch, the “Kodak momen……

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Lady Spartans smash LaSalle, JV Spartans step up The Lady Spartans smashed LaSalle, 52-12 to it in the first of three home games the Spartans are hosting tonight.


Next up, the Spartan’s JV boys against Marathon…


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MCDS LADY SPARTANS vs LaSalle 2012 January 23, Miami Shores, Florida

At 4:30 this afternoon the Lady Spartans will tip off for the last home game of their season. Come out and support the Spartans as they take the court against LaSalle high school.


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MCDS Mens Soccer finish the season strong 2012 January 20

The MCDS men’s soccer team finished their regular season strong, beating Coral Springs, 8-0. Congratulations to them and their “Blue Steel” seniors for a great season.

At the end of the game, the entire team called Florida Hall of Fame Coach Watson from the stands to help celebrate a great season. Coach Watson lead the Spartan’s varsity men’s soccer team for many seasons before moving on to other responsibilities at the school and the announcers booth for all the home games this season.

The varsity men begin district tournament play this coming Monday at 7pm.


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BLUE STEEL Soccer 2012 January 20 – Miami Shores, Florida

In the last home game of the season, the Miami Country Day School Men’s soccer team takes the field against Coral Springs Christian. 6:00pm start time.

Lead by the fired up Blue Steel squad, the MCDS seniors will be looking to crush their opponents as they head into the district tournament.


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Lightroom 4 Beta Last week, Adobe Labs released Lightroom 4 Beta; the prerelease of the new version before the production release is put on store shelves.

Jenifer and I have been using Lightroom since version 2 for RAW processing all of our personal and studio images (I teach seminars and private lessons for LR v. 2 and 3). Version 3 had some great improvements: Better processing algorithm, better noise reduction, better printing control, etc. Lightroom 4 is going to have some of the things we have been waiting for.

  • Localized adjustments for white balance, sharpening and noise reduction among other image adjustments
  • the ability to move multiple folders at the same time (seems minor but quite a time saver)
  • The ability to hide unused modules (we never use the web module, so now we can save that screen real estate)
  • A map module that will utilize GPS metadata. This module will allow searching by location for photos as well as importing GPX track log files from handheld GPS units

I have not spent too much time with LR4 beta yet, but this weekend I will be doing a bunch of images processing and I am looking forward to giving it a more intense run through.

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MCDS Middle School boys basketball vs Gulliver Despite moments of brilliance and playing strong until the end, the MCDS Middle School boys basketball fell to Gulliver 30-16.


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